BP Chirag Project

Markets: Offshore, Oil & Gas
Application: Azeri Offshore PlatformLocation: Caspian SeaEngine: CAT 3516HD

Hydraulic Start Packages – BP Chirag

British Petroleum (BP) needed a Hydraulic Starting System for the Chirag Oil Project (COP), this is an offshore development located in the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea, approximately 120 km southeast of Baku.

IPU were awarded all starting system designs and manufacturing for the project after lengthy design consultation periods with BP, KBR and the engine packager. The four start systems supplied were to provide starting capability to two fire pumps, one compressor and the emergency generator set shown in the photograph opposite.

The installation of the hydraulic start system was unusual, as the space available was very limited. The design had to fit in a narrow passage between the container wall and the engine, whilst still allowing for general operations. IPU successfully installed the hydraulic accumulators below floor level and so the start system became an integral part of the container floor.

The company chose IPU because:

  • The company required experts in Hydraulic Start Systems
  • IPU are fully equipped to deal with changing circumstances and environments
  • IPU understood the importance of working to specific BP approved standards
  • Could provide the support and after care needed for such a complex application build, alongside all necessary supporting documentation, certification and approvals needed for offshore environments

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