Buzzard Field 5

Markets: Offshore, Oil & Gas, PED
Application: OffshoreLocation: North Sea (UK)Engine: Paxman 12VP185

The hydraulic starting system was designed for a generator being used as a multi-role generator for emergency, essential services and black start operation with a prime function to start a 1000Kw fire pump motor.

The hydraulic starting system was designed for black start operation on a multi-role generator set being used for emergency and essential services with a primary function to supply power to a 1000Kw fire pump

The IPU solution guaranteed three start attempts each with a five second duration and incorporated a manual start valve and an engine driven PTO pump. In addition the system was designed to meet the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) which requires assemblies of pressure equipment to meet essential safety criteria necessitating a full risk assessment and design appraisal, all of which was reviewed and approved by Lloyds Register of Shipping before being CE marked. All materials used met the needs of the offshore environment including stainless steel and a special paint finish to Norsok N501 standard.

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