NASSCO Ship Yard

Markets: Marine
Application: Mobile Landing Platform VesselLocation: San Diego, USA

The IPU Group Engine Starting Service team were called out to provide training and commissioning duties on a mobile landing platform vessel in a US Naval ship yard, San Diego, California.

The application in question was a primary hydraulic start system, attached to an emergency diesel generator.

The process of commissioning involved: checking the system over before operation, recharging the nitrogen accumulators and setting up and testing the unit. This was all performed by the IPU Servicing team.

While on board, IPU staff gave in depth training to the customer on how to safely operate the hydraulic start system.

Why IPU?

  • IPU group are the market leader in engineered solutions for hydraulic start systems
  • IPU’s service division is trusted and highly regarded for effective training
  • With years of experience and collective expertises, IPU offer only the highest quality standards, care for all our customers and guaranteed reliability.

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