Sakhalin Island Hydraulic 2

Markets: Arctic, Industrial Engines
Application: OffshoreLocation: Sakhalin Island (Russia)Engine: Caterpillar 3512 (Diesel)

This hydraulic solution was designed as a secondary start unit for a CAT 3512 engine installed at the Russian mainland export terminal. During the winter, ambient temperature can be as low as -40ºC. As a consequence, equipment operating in this hostile environment needs to be capable of withstanding and performing at this extreme temperature.

The system configuration comprises two separate hydraulic start packs each with a capacity for three start attempts. In manufacture all hydraulic components were fitted with low temperature seals, accumulators were fitted with low temperature bladders and a special Arctic grade oil selected to cover the wide variations of temperature to be experienced. Component such as gauges, pressure transmitters and valves were carefully selected with this temperature in mind. IPU Starting prepared all documentation for the GOST technical passport necessary for each system.

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