Custom engine starting packages engineered by IPU

July 7th, 2015

Hydraulic and air starting systems offer unbeatable reliability when it comes to engine starting. Especially in extreme weather environments where the reliability of traditional electric start motors can suffer. But standard systems do come with a challenge, for example hydraulic engine starting systems often require large amounts of space for the accumulator tanks. That is why IPU offers custom engine starting packages engineered to fit almost any space.

Oil platforms, drilling rigs or mining vehicles are not typically designed with an abundance of extra room. Few have enough extra space available to house a large engine starting system.

The standard hydraulic starting configuration will also see the accumulators next to the starter motor and engine. But this is not always possible. In this instance, IPU will design a custom package that places the accumulators in a more suitable location. For example, IPU was asked by BP to provide a hydraulic system on an offshore platform in the Caspian sea, but space was extremely limited. The solution was to place the accumulator tanks below floor level, ensuring minimal additional space was required and daily operations could continue unobstructed.

Our design engineering team works closely with you to ensure that the starting package integrates seamlessly into your platform, rig or vehicle. Not only will it fit the available space, it will also meet your unique starting requirements (i.e. number of start attempts, cycle time, adverse environmental conditions, etc.).

Below are just a few examples of clients who benefited from a custom engine starting package from IPU.

Examples of Custom Engine Start Packages

Application: Azeri Offshore Platform
Location: Caspian Sea
Engine: CAT 3516HD
Hydraulic Start Packages – BP Chirag
IPU successfully supplied four start systems to BP for the Chirag Oil Project (COP). The hydraulic start system had to fit in a narrow passage between the container wall and the engine, whilst still allowing for general operations. IPU successfully installed the hydraulic accumulators below floor level and so the start system became an integral part of the container floor (pictured above).

Application: Offshore Platform
Location: Sakhalin Island (Russia)
Engine: Caterpillar 3516HD engines
IPU successfully provided hydraulic and air engine starting solutions to a platform off the coast of Sakhalin Island (Russia). The area experiences extreme temperature ranges of -45°C to +35°C so IPU recommended hydraulic and air starting solutions as they are not impacted by environmental factors.

Application: Fire Pump
Location: Middle East Oil Field
Engine: Emergency Fire Pump
IPU supplied two hydraulic starting system for a fire pump packager based in the Middle East. The start systems were designed to fit inside an IP rated cabinet. This was specially designed and built with an IPU control panel for operation from the main control room panel.
The whole system was also structurally designed to withstand local seismic activity and provide both lifting points and fork points for ease of movement.

Application: Ice Challenger
Location: Bering Straight, Between USA & Russia
Engine: Perkins 1006
Ice Challenger ‘Snowbird 6’, was an amphibious vehicle designed and built by Steve Brooks with the aim of setting a new world record by crossing the frozen wastes of the Bering Strait. The vehicle was powered by a 6-cylinder diesel engine, which incorporated an IPU hydraulic starting system.

IPU designed the system so that the team could start the engine at -40ºC and if for any reason the first attempt to start failed, the system could be manually recharged for further start attempts.

The Ice Challenger had previously attempted the journey but were hampered by the use of electronic battery starting. The conventional battery was unsuitable for immersion in seawater and the sub zero temperatures meant that the team faced a two-hour process of thawing out the electric starter motor by heating the engine block. The hydraulic starter supplied by IPU was unaffected in these conditions and provided the Ice Challenger team with safe reliable starting.

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