IPU Group Hosts Starting Training

January 3rd, 2014

In November 2013 IPU Group hosted a visit for colleagues from the Southern Refinery Company based in Iraq, after receiving a request to undertake Compressor Maintenance Training for some of their engineers.

Southern Refinery Company had recently requested a custom built Air Compressor System from IPU Group and needed hands – on training to ensure the system could be operated correctly before commissioning.

The hands-on training was carried out with the help of Pierre Corbett from Sauer Compressors along with key members of the IPU Group Starting team including Divisional Director David Caddick, with Matt Fellows and Ian James who work as part of our Technical Sales and Support team.

So thanks to Raheem Abed Aliyoi, Salim Qasim Ghadhab, Abdulmuttaleb Alwan Hasan and Mustafa Kamal Abdullah for making the week a success.

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