IPU and SCI set new benchmark in offshore servicing

June 12th, 2014

Survival Craft InspectorateSCI and IPU’s new partnership raises the standard for offshore servicing of black-start engine starting systems.

Survival Craft Inspectorate (SCI) has supplied, inspected and maintained marine safety equipment to the oil and gas industry for over 20 years. In partnership with IPU, a leading manufacturer of engine starting solutions for critical applications, SCI is extending its offshore servicing capabilities to starting systems and introducing a new approach to servicing and preventative maintenance – Exceed.

The new benchmark for offshore servicing: Exceed

Exceed offshore servicing for starting systems covers the black-start systems that ensure fire pumps, gensets and winches work in an emergency. Standard regulatory testing can leave platforms, drill rigs and crews at risk by only testing the electric starting system, a system that can be crippled in the early stages of a real emergency.

Testing black-start systems lies at the heart of SCI’s Exceed philosophy. Exceed goes beyond insurance requirements and regulatory compliance. It defines a methodology that takes every practical step to ensure true safety in emergency situations.

The extreme and harsh environment of the North Sea has an inevitable effect on all starting systems. Their reliability can only be assured if they are checked and tested as part of a scheduled maintenance programme.

Angus Campbell, SCI’s Managing Director, says: ”This is an exciting new service offering. Safety is a critical part of the duty of care all operators provide under Health and Safety legislation. We can help reduce our clients’ exposure to risk. Exceed offers the gold standard in offshore servicing and gives assurance and peace of mind, knowing that all systems are dependable and reliable.”

Dave Caddick, Director of the Starting Division at IPU, has overseen the training programme for SCI staff: “SCI has a fantastic team of 80 experienced offshore-qualified technicians. Our training programme has added to their expertise so they can test, assess and repair any type or make of starting system.”

Commercial good sense

SCI and IPU’s strategic partnership offers real commercial benefits to their customers, as Angus Campbell explains: “Testing essential equipment like starting systems can be overlooked because of the complexity of arranging a contract with a new, appropriately-qualified supplier. The IPU-SCI partnership means starting system servicing can be rolled into an existing SCI contract without delay or disruption.”

Refurbishing existing starting systems helps reduce the life-cycle cost of offshore equipment. Instead of ‘rot and replace’, SCI’s Exceed offshore servicing presents an economical way to extend the life of the equipment that’s already installed.

Another aspect of the service’s simplicity is its comprehensive coverage. SCI will test and service any type of starter from any manufacturer. Angus Campbell describes SCI and IPU’s thinking: “Our customers would not be interested in a service that covered 70% of their starters and left them looking for a service provider for the remaining 30%. That makes no commercial sense. Our partnership with IPU means we can cover any non-electric starting system – whatever the type and whatever the brand.”

“It even helps with logistics. Getting our technicians on and off platforms and drill rigs is a complex and expensive process. While they’re there testing lifeboats it makes sense to have them test starting systems too.”

IPU’s training programme passes 25 years of valuable expertise to SCI’s offshore servicing team. IPU has deployed bespoke starting systems in every conceivable environment from the sub-zero temperatures off the Russian coast to the baking heat of the Arabian deserts.

Although hydraulic starting systems are the most common type on offshore platforms and rigs, the programme qualifies SCI’s technicians to assess air, spring and even nitrogen starters. The service will conclude with certification of the work done and recommendations for future actions.

The Exceed approach to preventative maintenance raises the bar for SCI’s competitors. It demonstrates the company’s dedication to exceptional safety standards. Angus Campbell summarises SCI’s position: “If safety is truly viewed as essential you have to test everything, not just what the law requires.”

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