Air Starting Systems

IPU has a complete range of air starting systems, including starter motors, compressors, air receivers and control panels. Our team can also install and commission the system on site (including all pipe work) if required.

IPU has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of both standard and custom air starting compressor and receiver packages. This includes incorporating compressors and air receivers to provide the correct cranking time required to start the engine.

By storing compressed air at 30 or 40 bar, and then reducing the pressure to 10 bar or less at the starter motor, the size of the air receiver is reduced. This is especially important in marine and containerised gen-set applications where space is always at a premium.


Certified Offshore Maintenance Service

Any good maintenance programme must include a schedule for regular inspection and servicing of your starting system. This is important to ensure that your starter works if disaster strikes. But don’t worry, our dedicated starting service team can help. We can simplify the maintenance and inspection process.

IPU’s starting service team are offshore certified engineers who are able to monitor, repair and maintain critical starting systems. Our experienced engineers will perform various tests on functionality and performance, including pressure testing of your accumulators, oil condition testing and calibration of gauges. We can also monitor the integrity of your system and have full access to any parts your application may require.


Customised air starting systems

Many applications simply don’t have enough free space to house a traditional air starting system. That’s where IPU’s expertise and flexibility comes to the fore. IPU’s custom starting packages can be engineered to fit into the space that’s available.

Our experienced design team will work closely with your engineers to ensure that the custom starting package integrates perfectly into your application.

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