Hydraulic mini-packs

Hydraulic mini-packs are an ultra-reliable way of starting an engine up to 12 litres. They are widely used in marine environments for standby emergency starting for auxiliary generators. Hydraulic mini-packs are extremely convenient as they are delivered as completely assembled units, including:

      • starter motor
      • accumulator
      • oil reservoir
      • hand pump
      • foot valve
      • relief valve
      • pressure gauge
      • hoses and fittings

Hydraulic mini-packs for simplicity

Mini-packs can be ordered with a variety of different starter motors and accumulators to suit different engine sizes. Before leaving IPU each unit is assembled, piped and tested with all the hoses and fittings needed to attach them to the engine. All the customer has to do is fit the starter motor to the engine and fix the mini-pack to a suitable surface.

When to choose a hydraulic mini-pack

Customers with the expertise to design and build their own starting system may prefer to purchase bare starter motors (such as the M22 and M28), accumulators and pipework in component form. Where as, clients who need a starting system to fit within precise spatial constraints or match unusual starting specifications prefer custom packages.

However, organisations that don’t have the time or expertise to build their own starting system often prefer a mini-pack.

ATEX approval

Hydraulic mini-packs can be built around IPU’s ATEX-approved M22 and M28 hydraulic starter motors. It is possible to have the entire mini-pack ATEX-approved but most customers prefer to save money and rely solely on the starter motors’ existing ATEX-approval.

Marine approval

IPU’s starting systems can be class approved to numerous marine certification standards. This is done on a case by case basis according to customer specifications. Hydraulic starter motors were originally designed during World War 2 to provide reliable engine starting to the US Navy’s fleet of landing craft.

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