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  • IPU provides a full range of air starters, including starter motors and whole systems. We even offer a full installation and commissioning service. Many clients choose air starting as it is a reliable and powerful method of starting an engine. You can even use your existing air supply to minimise costs and reduce the…

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    air starting systems
  • IPU’s range of SureStart spring starters are a reliable, cost-effective way of providing manual starting for diesel engines in a variety of applications. Available for engines up to 12 litres, they are ideally suited to harsh environments such as offshore and marine and provide an ideal low-cost alternative to electric…

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    spring starters
  • IPU’s hydraulic engine starting solutions provide guaranteed reliability for diesel and gas engines up to 4,880 cubic inches (80 litres). This truly independent starting solution is capable of offering black-start (or dead-ship) capabilities. As a result it can be used as your primary or secondary method of starting an…

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    hydraulic engine starting
  • A pre-engaged hydraulic starter offers guaranteed reliability, no matter how challenging or unpredictable the environment. This truly independent start method can be specified as the only starting system or as a back up to electric or air starting. The major advantage of a pre-engaged starter motor is that it can be certified…

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    pre-engaged hydraulic starter