Custom starting packages

IPU’s enviable reputation in engine starting is built on the quality of its custom starting packages.

Few of the new oil platforms, drilling rigs or mining vehicles being designed today have a regular area of free space available to house a starting system. The starting system has to fit into whatever free space is left. That’s where IPU’s expertise and flexibility comes to the fore.

Customised Hydraulic Starting

Our custom starting packages can be engineered to fit into whatever space is available.

A standard starting hydraulic starting configuration would place the accumulators next to the starter motor and engine. When there’s no space available, IPU will create a custom package that places the accumulators wherever there is some space.

Our design team works closely with your designers to ensure that the custom starting package integrates perfectly into the proposed platform, rig or vehicle. It will fit the available space and meet any specialised starting requirements you have: number of start attempts, cycle time, adverse environmental conditions, etc.

Although every custom starting package is different, they all share one characteristic: they perfectly match their application.

ATEX approval

Custom starting packages can be built around IPU’s ATEX-approved M22 and M28 pre-engaged hydraulic starter motors. It is possible to have the entire package ATEX-approved but most customers prefer to save money and rely solely on the starter motors’ existing ATEX-approval.

Marine approval

IPU’s starting systems can be class approved to numerous marine certification standards. This is done on a case by case basis according to customer specifications.

For more information on how IPU can provide you with the perfect system, please call our Engine Starting team on +44 (0) 121 511 0460.

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