SureStart S20

The SureStart S20 Spring Starter is our smallest and lightest starter weighing a modest 12 kg (26.5 lb). The S20 Spring Starter is suitable for diesel engines from 0.5 to 2.5 litres (30.5 to 152.5 cubic inches) and is available as a clockwise and anti-clockwise model. S50, S60 and S70 spring starters are available for larger engines.

The S20 Spring Starter brings non-electric backup starter to smaller engines, bringing with it all the reliability benefits of mechanical starters. The S20 is used for life boat engines, portable fuel pumps and water pumps in remote locations. Applications include Deutz, Farymann, Hatz, Lister, Lombardini, Kubota, Perkins and Ruggerini engines.


Anti-Clockwise SureStart S20 Spring Starter

Although niche, there is a clear demand for anti-clockwise rotation starters. The need was especially strong where the engine did not have a second pocket for a backup starter or where there was insufficient space on the engine to mount a second starter. Once engine companies developed flywheel housings with an extra pocket for a backup starter (especially common for with lifeboat engines) the opportunity was there to develop anti-clockwise mechanical starters.

Anti-clockwise SureStart spring starters are simple to install and cost-effective. They deliver a dependable starting system that does not require external energy such as electric, hydraulic or pneumatic power.


Video: Operating a Spring Starter

SureStart S20 Specifications

Rotation S20C: clockwise
S20A: anti-clockwise
Mounting Flange-mounted SAE 1; SAE 2
Engine capacity 0.5 litres (30.5 cubic inches) per cylinder; 4 cylinders maximum
Pinion type 11 to 13 teeth 10/12 F/stub
11 to 13 teeth 8/10 F/stub
9 to 13 teeth mod 3
10 to 13 teeth Mod 2.5
Pinion to flange face 20mm or 28mm
Maximum torque at pinion 91 Nm (71 ft/lb)
Maximum winding handle torque 64 Nm (50 ft/lb)
Winding handle position Variable in 8.5 degree increments
Turns to fully wind 2.0 turns to engage
9.5 turns to fully charge
Weight 12 kg (26.5 lb)
Cold start Starting aid below 5 degrees Celsius
Finish Standard finish: zinc-plated body and housing; body painted with a further coat of primer and topcoat. Body can also be powder-coated.


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