SureStart S50

The SureStart S50 Spring Starter is suitable for diesel engines up to 610.2 cubic inches (10 litres) and is available as a clockwise model. Smaller engines can be started with S20, S30 or S40 spring starters. Larger engines can be started with S60 or S70 spring starters.

The SureStart S50 Spring Starter is the first manually operated starter in the world to be able to start diesel engines over 488.2 cubic inches (8 litres) capacity. Compared to other non electrical starting systems, the SureStart S50 Spring Starter is by far the most economical option. It competes with electrical starting systems and as a result has drawn custom from a large number of shipping companies all over the world.

The S50 Spring Starter is used in many applications including Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, Man, Perkins, Scania and Volvo.


Video: Operating a Spring Starter


SureStart S50 Specifications

Rotation S50C: clockwise
Mounting Flange-mounted SAE 1; SAE 2; SAE 3
Engine capacity 1.5 litres (91.5 cubic inches) per cylinder; 6 cylinders maximum
1.25 litres (76.3 cubic inches) per cylinder; 8 cylinders maximum
Pinion type 11 to 13 teeth 10/12 F/stub
11 to 12 teeth 6/8 F/stub
11 to 13 teeth Mod 3
Pinion to flange face 47mm (nominal)
Maximum torque at pinion 126 Nm (93 ft/lb)
Maximum winding handle torque 81 Nm (60 ft/lb)
Winding handle position Variable in 8.5 degree increments
Turns to fully wind 2.0 turns to engage
15.0 turns to fully charge
Weight 21.5 kg (47.4 lb)
Cold start Starting aid below 5 degrees Celsius
Finish Marine finish as standard: zinc-plated body and housing; powder-coated paint all over to withstand marine environment. Electroless nickel-plated shaft and pinion.


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