Containerised Set for Fire Pump

Markets: Industrial Engines, Land based Industries
Application: Fire PumpLocation: Middle East Oil FieldEngine: Emergency Fire Pump

Hydraulic Start Packages – Land Based Fire Pump

IPU supplied two hydraulic starting systems for a fire pump packager based in the Middle East. The start systems were sized to provide a minimum of 45 seconds cranking capacity from three 50 litre accumulators.

The sets were deigned to fit inside an IP rated cabinet; this was built with a specially designed and built IPU control panel for operating the start system and marshalling the external signals and inputs from the main control room panel.

The engines used were CAT C18’s, driving the emergency fire pump.

IPU advised mounting the start system in a cabinet; this has many benefits in an outdoor environment, protecting the start system from water and avoiding any potential for standing water to get into the start system bund; which in some countries can lead to mosquitoes breeding, even in a small amount of standing water.

The whole system was structurally calculated to with stand local seismic activity and was provided with both lifting points and fork points for ease of site movement.

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