Offshore Maintenance Service

Markets: Offshore, Oil & Gas
Application: Offshore PlatformLocation: North SeaEngine: Emergency Fire Pump

After a recent visit to a North Sea offshore platform, IPU engineers discovered a critical situation. Some years ago the platform had been fitted with a Hydraulic Starter System to power an emergency fire pump; the Starter System was built to give 5 starts in a ‘black’ start situation. This system was vital for the safety of the crew on board.

enginestarting-offshore-maintenanceLocated in the bowels of the platform, the Starting System had been exposed to the elements and as you can see from the adjacent image; even the integrity of the system had been damaged. Lack of maintenance and safety testing had equated to the Hydraulic Starter no longer functioning; resulting in high risk for the personnel manning the platform.

The Hydraulic Starter System was unsalvageable and had to be replaced entirely; a costly endeavour for the company concerned. Unacceptable levels of care can put crew members and platforms at risk. By servicing, maintaining and monitoring black start systems costly and unnecessary replacements can be avoided.

IPU engineers can offer expert advice, servicing and safety testing for all variations of Starter System.

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