Sakhalin Island Air Start 2

Markets: Arctic, Industrial Engines
Application: LNG plantLocation: Sakhalin Island (Russia)Engine: Caterpillar 3608

Two CAT 3608 emergency generator sets located on a jetty required separate compressed air secondary starting systems. Winter operating temperatures down to –36°C had to be considered in the design of the packages.

The system was sized for six, 10 second cranking cycles and for operation in a Zone 2 environment. The main starting air receiver had a capacity of 1000 litre air and had to be refilled from empty within 15 minutes. The starting air receiver also fed a 100-litre instrumentation air receiver. The air compressors were heat traced, as were the stainless steel pipe work and valves. The PLC and system controls were housed in a stainless steel, explosion proof enclosure. The finished system was delivered with full GOST certification.

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