Markets: ASME, Offshore, Oil & Gas, PED
Application: Fire Pump ReplacementLocation: Gabon, AfricaEngine: CAT C15

IPU were contracted to supply the emergency starting system on the fire pump replacement for the mature Torpille Field offshore Gabon.

The starting system was designed to as an emergency back up on the CAT C15 engine.

As the platform has a constant air supply, the recharging of the start accumulator is achieved with both a manual hand pump and also a pneumatically driven hydraulic pump. Boosting the air supply by a ratio of 60:1 the air driven pump uses the platform air supply to recharge the accumulators to 207bar. On reaching the system working pressure, the air driven pump stalls, only re-starting when pressure in the accumulator falls on start up of the engine, thus making an automatic system.

Engine starting is done remotely, using a 24VDC ATEX approved solenoid control valve which has a manual over-ride facility.

Pressure components are certified to both ASME (U stamped) and comply fully with the Pressure Equipment Directive (EU) and CE marked.

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