Underground Mining

Markets: ATEX, Mining & Quarrying
Application: Underground MineLocation: South Africa

Underground mines contain high levels of methane gas, which can cause potentially lethal explosions. It is this safety factor which governs the need for non-sparking air and hydraulic starting systems to be used in mines.

IPU have a range of Hydraulic Start Systems suitable for a wide variety of engines including: Caterpillar, Deutz, ADE, John Deere and JCB.

A hydraulic start system is an educated choice for many mining companies where hydraulic systems are already in use; making the start system an easy ‘add-on’, as it will not require additional pumps or oil reservoirs.

The benefits of a Hydraulic Start System in this environment also extend far beyond safety and legislation; the life expectancy of a hydraulic system in comparison with an electric system is remarkable and in itself cause for a change.

Hydraulic starting systems, combined with an explosion-protected diesel engine offer a safe and spark free method of starting diesel engines in underground mines.

IPU Starting systems are cast iron; the use of iron eliminates the potential for a thermite reaction when ferrous metal comes into contact with aluminium. In many countries aluminium has been banned from underground mines for this reason.

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