Constant Improvement in IPU Engine Starting

January 25th, 2014

To better support ever increasing customer expectations and to bring further efficiencies to the design and manufacturing processes IPU Group has introduced the latest CAD software together with CFD and FEA capability, which will ensure IPU Group’s leadership position is maintained and strengthened. Working closely with both the IPU Group customers and the supply chain, the starting division embraces continuous improvements in the design and manufacturing environment.

Jonathan Nowill, Group Engineering Director has been in charge and overseen many of the new developments at IPU Group. Having spent over 20 years in the Auto industry, Jonathan has found working at IPU Group like a breath of fresh air; “What I have found is a global leader in starting systems and a very dedicated, capable and positive company with real vision. A place where the customer really does comes first.”

Constant Improvement in IPU Engine StartingTo compliment the developments in the design environment, a programme of major changes in the fabrication shop is largely complete. These changes to equipment, process and working environment are driving quality and delivery improvements which our customers can be confident in.

Looking forward, Jonathan has established ambitious plans to add 2 more test cells to the assembly workshop as well as a programme of continuous improvement in the manufacturing and assembly environments. This will enable IPU Group to continue delivering cutting edge products.

There is a similar programme of continuous improvement in the design environment and an exciting new product plan is under development. IPU Group has and will continue to strive for the highest standards in all our design and manufacturing practices.

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