Reliable Engine Starting for Workboats

Reliable Engine Starting for Workboats

Workboats operators expect one thing from a gen-set and that’s reliable starting. It should start every time they need it. It’s vital for operating systems including:

  • Emergency bilge and fire pumps
  • Navigation systems
  • Communication and alarms
  • Loading systems and pumps

But what if it doesn’t start? Electric starter motors can fail after long periods of shut-down or in damp and cold conditions. IPU’s spring, hydraulic and air (pneumatic) starting systems are the perfect starting solution for diesel engines up to 9,100in³.

IPU’s engine start systems are robust, ultra-reliable and are truly independent solutions. They do not require a battery and so don’t suffer from the same reliability issues. They have also been successfully tested in some of the world’s most extreme conditions, from sub-zero temperatures off the Russian coast to the baking heat of the Arabian deserts.

Greater reliability

IPU’s spring starter motors deliver reliability through simplicity as they are manually charged by a winding the handle. The range is designed to withstand all marine environments through a zinc plated body and a powder coated paint finish.

IPU’s Hydraulic and Air starters are also resistant to marine environments. They’re manufactured from cast iron making them resistant to rust and corrosion and ensure guaranteed starting, even after a long shut down periods.

Easy installation

Spring starters are a direct ‘bolt-on’ that weighs less than 50% of a conventional electric starter. Alternatively the hydraulic and air starting systems can be delivered as a complete packages for quick and easy installation.

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