M16 Hydraulic Starter Motor

The M16 hydraulic starter motor is capable of producing a maximum torque of 48Nm at 3000 psi (207bar). The M16 is also fully cast iron (including the flange and pinion housing), making it suitable for all environments and resistant to damage.

M16 Hydraulic Starter Motor

M16 Hydraulic Starter Motor Power Curve

The M16 is fitted with a heavy duty inertia bendix and pinions which are machined from one cast block. This eliminates the process of pressing the pinion onto the bendix cup, which is a known fail point in many applications.


Non-spark pinions

Depending on your application, the M16 hydraulic starter motor can be fitted with either a steel or beryllium copper pinion. If the environment is potentially hazardous a beryllium copper pinion helps to reduce the risk of sparks.


Key advantages:

  • Interchangeable design: Because both the pinion and the mounting flange are interchangeable, the configuration of the starter motor can be altered to fit most types of engine.
  • Guaranteed start: Hydraulic energy can be stored indefinitely providing the system is installed and maintained to IPU specification. It can also be quickly and easily re-charged via a hand pump.
  • Performance in all conditions: While batteries can be affected by temperature extremes, hydraulic starters are dependable all conditions (provided the correct viscosity of oil is used). They are similarly reliable following extensive periods of shut down.
  • Low maintenance: Hydraulic starting systems are designed to last as long as your engine so why not enjoy low maintenance and replacement costs, as well as peace of mind? The system is enclosed with all internal components immersed in oil, protecting it from the adverse environmental conditions that damage electric or vane starters.

M16 hydraulic starter motor specifications

Weight 9.5 kg (20.9 lbs)
Construction Cast iron (ductile iron)
Max. working press. 21 MPa (3000 psi)
Fluid media Mineral oil
Viscosity range ISO 32 to 46 (SUS 140-230)
Temperature range -40°C to +100°C (-40°F to +212°F)
Speed range 0-4000 rpm
Rotation CW – Standard (CCW – Optional)
Duty cycle Intermittent
Overall volumetric efficiency 95% (minimum)
Displacement 15.59cc
(0.95 cu.in.)
Max. torque at 21 MPa
(3000 psi)
48 Nm
(35 lbf.ft.)

Dimensions (in mm)

Overall length 293mm (11.5″)
Max. motor length 225mm (8.9″)
Motor diameter 89.5mm (3.5″)
Dist. between ports 41.3mm (1.63″)
Inlet port 3/8″ NPT
Outlet port 3/8″ NPT
Flange thickness Depends upon configuration
Pinion hsg. Length Depends upon configuration
Mounting flange Depends upon configuration
Flange to ring gear (FRG) Depends upon configuration


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